We are Seattle's premier luxury patient collective.  We boast one of the largest open floor plans in our industry, designed for your comfort and care.  As a Medicine Jar collective member you will have access to a large selection of hand-picked medicinal grade cannabis, naturopathic herbal remedies, wellness classes, collective garden guidance, patient events, free Wi-Fi, The Forbidden Flower coffee bar, and so much more.  The Medicine Jar was built to go beyond the typical collective model.  We were tired of seeing cold, clinical facilities that try to quickly usher patients in and out.    We understand that cannabis is also a culture, a movement of consciousness, and the reflection of like-minded individuals that seek a healthier more sustainable way of living.  We hope you will come in and share your vision with us so that we may all be better together. 

THE MEDICINE JAR — "Together we grow!"


10326 Aurora Ave N
Seattle, WA 98133


Mon - Sat 11 - 9
Sun 12 - 7